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LCL, FCL, RoRo, Breakbulk, Out of Gauge, Project. If you’re unfamiliar with those terms, no worries, we mean we can move just about anything.


If you need it there fast we have a vast array of air carriers for expedited service.


LTL, FTL, Oversize, Project. Domestic and elsewhere in North America. We got you covered.


Our accounts with major courier services such as FedEx and UPS may offer you a more economical solution to your small parcel needs than shipping with an individual account.

Maximum Freight is experienced in the customs process of international shipping

We have a vast array of contacts and a network of customs brokers for customs clearance for imports and export shipments. Calculating duty amounts, customs filing, compliance with customs rules and regulations and possible custom exams, all are often overlooked but extremely important shipping procedures. We also have the ability to assess these costs internationally at the destinations our clients intend to ship to. If you are shipping to a new destination and are unfamiliar with that countries import and export regulations leave it to us! We have a network of other agents around the globe that will help our customers ensure their shipment is within compliance at the destination. Customs is a very important aspect of shipping operations but one that we can handle completely for our customers.

Maximum Freight is a licensed NVOCC freight forwarder

If you're unfamiliar with the term it simply means we are Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier, which means we don't actually own or operate any vessels, ships, or planes (we do have some of our own trucks though). What does this mean for our customers and why is this a benefit? Freight Forwarders utilize a network of vessels, truckers, air carriers, and other modes of transportation carriers to move freight and goods around the world. That means we have a vast ability to move all types of freight in all types of modes. It also means for the customer that they won't have to reach out to several carriers and managing many different vendors for their one shipment. At Maximum Freight we have strong carrier relationships and are familiar with which service is best depending on the customer's needs. Further to this our experience in working and business contracts with several carriers makes us efficient in reaching out to the right parties for the job.


How much will it cost to ship? How do I handle customs? How long will my shipment take? There are many questions and 'what ifs' that come with international and domestic shipping. There are many details to importing and exporting and at times it can seem overwhelming.

At Maximum Freight, the mission is simple: Make the process of shipping as easy as possible for the customer. We believe in educating the customer on each step of the shipping process, but at the same time only requiring the least time and effort on their part to get things done right. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service with a one-on-one approach. We don't believe in voice-prompts when people call in on the phone (we don't have any) or automated e-mail responses. At Maximum Freight each customer and shipment are appointed individual shipping experts to guide you along the way from start to finish.


Global Network

If you ship around the planet it's good to know someone on the other side. Maximum Freight has developed relationships with many agents around the globe. This allows us to transact business smoothly for our customers at the country of origin or destination. It means we have selected trustworthy partners that are also knowledgeable to ensure the journey of your goods is in great hands from point A to point B. It also allows us access to international laws and regulations of any part of the word for importing and exporting. How much will it cost and how long will it take are common questions when shipping. But an often overlooked aspect is the custom rules that apply from country to country. There may be legal restrictions, prohibitions, different duty/VAT rates, etc. Being connected globally allows us insight to these questions so our customers are prepared in advance before moving anything. This can save tremendous time and money and hassle. Knowledge is very important in shipping and at Maximum Freight we seek to get the correct information to our customers every step of the way.


Simply put; Almost anything. Because of our network of carriers and vast experience in importing and exporting goods we can find the right service for the job. That means anything from a small box that needs to make it from New York to Shanghai for a relative to a large, oversize, piece of machinery that needs to make it from Shanghai back to NY for a construction project. Yes, our versatility is quite expansive. Each member of the Maximum Freight team has had at least 10 years of experience in the industry. All of the team members have handled imports, exports, domestic shipping, project cargo, container shipping, and other modes of transport. We are all very hands on and are ready to engage our customers with whatever needs they may have. Don't be afraid to ask our team if we can do something because it's likely we have already done it!

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Maximum Freight will always strive to provide the best service for our customers

We understand that shipping can be a complicated endeavor, but it doesn't have to be. With the proper knowledge and experience and great communication and availability the process can be simplified greatly. Moving freight is an important part of business, but it doesn't mean it has to become your business. Leave that job to us! We hope you will find the information in our website helpful and informative. We welcome you to contact us with any inquiries you might have. Thanks for considering Maximum Freight!


What about costs?

At Maximum Freight we are aware that shipping is a necessary and important part of a business and ultimately it affects the bottom line. This is another advantage of being a forwarder that has access to several carrier choices. Having choices and options also means finding the best price and cost effective solution for our customers. We are familiar and experienced with working with several carriers for all modes of transportation and know which ones are more economical, which charge premiums for better service, and those that fall somewhere in-between. In the end, it means we will pair up the best carrier provided our customer's shipping needs.

Along with the cost of shipping is service. Money is an important part of anyone's business, but time may be even more important. At Maximum Freight we also will connect our customers with the fastest shipping service they require. We have access to expedited air services and are familiar with ocean shipping lines that have better routing for those looking to move goods quickly. As for our personal service to our customers, we always strive to respond as quickly as possible to our customer's inquiries. We are always available by email, skype, phone, and can adapt to any specific communication needs our customers prefer.

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Suggestions On Seeking A Shipping Rate:

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  •  If you don't have all the information, that's OK. Our team can help guide you in getting the required information
  •  Let us know your timeframes and budget. This allows us to pick the best option(s) for your needs and expectations