Lace Abel-Bey

Director of Business Development

FROM: Queens, NY
BACKGROUND: Afro-Hispanic American

ACCREDITATIONS: BS, Penn State University
Major: Hotel/Restaurant/Institutional Management

UNIQUE EXPERIENCE:Owns/operates professional organization and productivity consulting firm.

QUOTE: “Quality over Quantity. Always.”




One of Lace’s core strengths is her uncanny ability to organize anything and everything. From complex project orientation, to client data, Lace has perfected the skill of organization and turned it into a science! The Vital Team relies on her to arrange company agendas, client meetings, as well as detailed project orientation.



Where do all the great ideas come from? While we work together as a team, Lace is tasked to be the head of marketing project orientation. She innovates the best ways to engage with our clients to ensure they have the best logistic solutions for their needs. The Vital Team uses her creative energy to seek new areas of business while keeping current customers serviced at the highest level!



Yes, Lace probably has the energy to work 48 hours straight! But that’s not the only kind of energy she has. More importantly, she brings the POSITIVE energy that is both motivating and inspiring to the team. She also brings forth positivity to our clients which is a core component of the experience shipping with Vital Worldwide!

Life outside of Logistics

Lace enjoys ballet, great cuisine, and time with friends and family. Her perfect night out would be a nice dinner and then to see the NYC Ballet at Lincoln Center. She is also an avid sports car enthusiast! Don’t be surprised if you catch her on the track if she’s not in the office!