Maximum Astfalk

CEO / Founder

FROM: Rahway, NJ
BACKGROUND: African-American/German

ACCREDITATIONS: Middlesex College
Major: Supply Chain

UNIQUE EXPERIENCE: Served as head of dispatch for an LTL Trucking company and import director with focus on India.

QUOTE: “Success is earned. Not given.”




As co-founder of Vital Worldwide Logistics, Max has the critical role of CEO. His vision is to be the best full-service, freight forwarder available without exception. Max has always emphasized top notch customer service. After many years working in the logistics industry, he built the confidence and courage to found Vital Worldwide Logistics in pursuit of building upon his vision.



Max has always wanted to pursue the highest level of success. He doesn’t just want to get the job done. He wants to get it done the absolute best way possible. He does not turn down any opportunity for his team or his clients to grow. Max is always trying to achieve the next level of success in using all available resources. His drive lies at the core of Vital Worldwides success!



Success does not come easy and Max has fully embraced this truth. Simply put, he does not stop until the job is done and done right. There have been countless nights where he has stayed up all night to ensure a job was completed. There is no check-out time for Max. He is fully engaged, ready to work at all times for his Team and Vital Clients!

Life outside of Logistics

Max is an avid sports fan. He is a fan of the Dallas Cowboys, New York Yankees, and Orlando Magic. When he’s not working hard in the office, you can find him competing hard on the basketball court. He loves to be competitive at all times!